About Me

Hi Everyone, my name is Paige and I am the owner of Fixing My Finances, a blog I started to document my financial independence journey and share my knowledge and learnings with others along the way.

I graduated college a few years ago with my degree in mechanical engineering and have been working in my field since. My job moved me around quite a bit but I finally settled in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My husband, Allen, and I bought a house in the suburbs where we live with our two dogs and cat.

My interest in personal finance first started after Allen and I had moved to Indiana when I graduated college. We found ourselves victims of major lifestyle inflation and faced a few financial setbacks that had ended up landing us in credit card debt and with a couple auto loans.

After our next move we got engaged and started planning our dream wedding. A few months before the wedding was also when we bought our house. Dealing with these two major expenses we hadn’t really worked on our debt at all.

Now that our lives have calmed down, we are determined to pay off our debt and start investing in our future. Follow along with our journey and check out the


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