10 Date Night Ideas Under $10

By | May 29, 2017

This article discusses fun date night ideas that don’t cost a lot of money. This article contains affiliate links, for more information please see my disclosure policy. 

Anyone that has found themselves in the dating world knows that dates can be expensive. Spending money on fancy dates can easily add up and break your budget.

The good news is that there are tons of great date options that are cheap or even free. Here are some of my suggestions for some fun dates that cost less than $10

10 Date Night Ideas Under $10 | Fixing My Finances

Have a movie night at home. Go to Target or any superstore and pick out a $5 DVD and some popcorn. You could make it even more fun and relive your childhood by building a couch fort or keep it classy and enjoy a glass of your favorite boxed wine 🙂

Check out Groupon to find some cheap food. Turn it into a night of exploring by choosing a new restaurant in a different part of town that you can check out after you are done eating. I have been able to get meals up to 70% on Groupon by finding a local deal and using a coupon code for an extra 20-30% off (they post coupon codes weekly)

Cook Together. Dust off that stack of recipe books you have in your cupboard and grab one. Have your date pick a random number and turn to that page, there’s dinner for the night! Head to the grocery store to grab your ingredients and enjoy a night cooking together and eating those random collard greens you accidentally turned too (note: you might want to allow yourself a few redos so you actually end up with dinner food)

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Volunteering is a great way to have fun with your date and help other people. Not only is it free, but you are also giving back to someone else. Whether its kids, puppies, veterans, homeless, or even just a neighbor, choose a cause that you both enjoy and get out there together. This is also a great idea for if you want to have a daytime date because more places need volunteers during daytime hours.

Workout. Many couples love to exercise together so why not make date night active and cheap. To make it a special date, find a workout that is out of the norm for both of you. Some good suggestions would be swimming, running a lot local trails or on a beach, rock climbing, and biking.

Scrapbook It’s fun to look back on your memories together and scrapbooks are a great way to preserve your memories. For a cheap date night idea, look through your pictures, order some cheap prints, grab a pack of markers and go to town making a scrapbook

Free Events. A lot of communities offer free events, especially during the summertime, that make for great dates. Check out your local paper, the community center, or online to find concerts, museum days, movie nights, fairs, etc. in your area. While free events tend to be a little hit or miss, I have found that your attitude makes a huge difference, go in with an open mind and try something new.

Have a picnic. Some of my favorite dates with my fiancé are our picnics. Picnics are super easy and inexpensive; make a couple sandwiches, grab a bag of chips, and a blanket and head to your local park. It’s nice to just relax together and unwind. Try leaving your phones at home so you can really enjoy each other’s company and the world around you

Pick out a dollar store craft on Pinterest and see who can replicate it the best or whose makes the best Pinterest fail. While your date might not be a typical crafter, you might be surprised how much fun you can have attempting to make some of these crafts

Have a scavenger hunt. There are tons of lists available online, find one you like, grab your date and a camera, and hit the town. Scavenger hunts are basically free (aside from maybe some gas to get between places). They are also really fun to do as a competition so you could turn it into a group date night have couples compete for who can do the most tasks.

10 Date Night Ideas Under $10 | Just because you are on a budget doesn't mean you can't have fun date nights! | Fixing My Finances

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  1. GYM

    Boxed wine, classy! 🙂 We like movie nights or even just a walk near the water. It’s true that date nights don’t have to cost a thing (or very much) and that it’s the company that really matters!


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